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Muslim escorts are young Muslim women who are, or appear to be, unmarried. They typically advertise themselves as discreet companions rather than prostitutes. The term is not generally used for ex-wives, nor does it describe a woman who is separated from her husband. Neither is it applied to sex workers whose clients are mostly non-Muslim.

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The idea of an exotic Muslim woman (or man) can be exciting to men who are not Muslim. There is also a strong tradition of courtesans in many Middle Eastern cultures, many of whom were never officially married but had clients from elite circles of society. This goes back centuries, with perhaps most famous example being that of Scheherazade (originally named Dinarzad). As related by The Book of One Thousand and One Nights, she was taken prisoner by King Shahryar along with her sister, Dinazad. Their plan was to serve him food he couldn't resist so they could kill him afterward. Their plan didn't go as planned when they instead fell for each other.

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They stayed together, with Dinazad acting as Scheherazade's advisor. Unfortunately for them, King Shahryar was still intent on killing his new bride each night; each morning he would ask her to tell him a story that would keep him entertained until sunset, or else he would kill her. He had killed several women in different ways for not satisfying him before his patience ran out. As a result of their failed first attempt at a murder plot, Shahryar had lost interest in having sex with women who were going to be killed anyway.Scheherazade asked her sister if she had any stories from her time as a captive. Dinazad told her of an ongoing war between two kings far away from where they lived.

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